Infrared Sauna

Discover the transformative power of Sunlighten M Pulse Infrared Sauna. Immerse yourself in gentle, penetrating heat that promotes detoxification, soothes muscles, and enhances your body’s natural healing. Experience rejuvenation and renewal like never before. Elevate your health and embrace optimal well-being with Sunlighten M Pulse Infrared Sauna. Step inside and unlock your body’s true potential.

Wellness is within reach.


Sweat better. It’s one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Sunlighten’s high-quality infrared promotes effortless, deep, productive sweat.


Stay healthy. The natural preventive properties of Sunlighten’s patented heating technology helps your cell health and overall immunity.

Heart Health

Strengthen your heart. Infrared therapy acts like a passive cardio workout, which helps your heart by improving circulation and even helping to reducing blood pressure.

Weight Loss

Increase metabolism. Burn calories. Far infrared wavelengths in all Sunlighten saunas create a passive workout, stimulating sluggish metabolism and improving fat burning. 

Single Session

$30 Month
  • One :30-:45 Session

Monthly Membership

Recommended for Maximum Results
+ $50 Month
  • Unlimited Visits
Best Value

10 Sessions

$185 Month
  • $18.50 a session