360 Wellness is Altoona’s Most Advanced IV Thearpy Treatment Center. Our certified and trained nursing staff will take expert care of you.

Located at 905 Logan Blvd. in Altoona.

Why IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a quick way of administering essential fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into your bloodstream. With an IV infusion, your body absorbs 100% of the nutrients bringing maximum benefits to your body in the most efficient manner possible.  IV therapy can help address symptoms related to conditions like the cold, the flu, morning sickness, and hangovers.

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How It Works?

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Feeling sick, lethargic, tired even if you drank a little too much. These IV vitamins quickly bring you back to life and have you feeling on top of the world. Kasey and Alex great at the IV insertion one stick and done for our entire group and the recommendations on what drip to use for how each of us felt were great advice.
a month ago Jeff Diehl
The staff of 360 Wellness are so welcoming, professional and supportive. I am impressed with the team approach and dedication to treating the whole patient. The facility is clean, state of the art and comfortables. The photo is of me receiving an IV infusion for immune support. I am relieved to find healthcare that merges eastern & western medicine and is wholistic in nature.
a month ago Dawn Garrity
The staff here is top notch - extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and always willing to spend time to help you understand things and improve your health. I’ve never had a time where they were not cheerful and positive even at the end of a long day. Also, I have yet to get even a little bit sick after starting to take Triple Immunity IVs (and for a teacher that is nothing short of miraculous). I would highly recommend 360 Wellness to anyone interested in improving or maintaining their health.
3 months ago Venerable Beeb

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